Adolfo's on the Ocean


Italian fare with an Eastern Shore flair

Beverages and Fun Facts

          ~ Dolce ~ Desserts ~          

If we knew you were coming we’d have baked a cake! Just give us 24 hours’ notice and

we’ll have a charming little cake ready for your special occasion!


  ~ Bevande ~ Beverages ~       

Water served upon request    25 cents for Fruited H20 (as only beverage)


 Free refills while dining in on Regular Soda, Iced or Hot Tea, and Coffee


Unlimited SODA $3.25

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Birch Beer, Sweet Tea, Pink Lemonade, Fanta Orange

                    Fresh Brewed Unsweetened Iced Tea 1.95



Shirley Temple   Little Mermaid   Mr. Krabs   Cotton Candy  Gidget   Moondoggie



Cherry, Vanilla, Raspberry, Mojito (Spearmint)


Bottled Water 2.00       Pellegrino 16.9 oz. 4.00       Acqua Panna 16.9 oz. 4.00

Hot Black, Green, or Flavored Tea $2.25     Premium Coffee $2.75  

Espresso $3.25   Cappuccino $4.25

Nonalcoholic Flavored Cappuccino: Vanilla, Caramel, Raspberry $5



Eastern Sho’ Champagne (Natural Lite in a can) 2.75

Bud   Bud Lite   Miller Lite   Coors Lite   Michelob Ultra   Yuengling   3.99  

N/A Beer: Buckler 3.99

   Amstel Light   Heineken   Peroni   Corona  5.25

New Castle  Blue Moon  6.00

Stella Artois   Dogfish Head Pale Ale  Sierra Nevada  Guinness  6.25



Reservations: Always a good idea! You can even request your special table and favorite server!

Cell Phones: Please keep your cell phone ringers turned off while in our dining rooms. Kindly step outside, or into the Parlor lounge, the Lobby,

or the real “Phone Booth” if you need to converse with people other than your dining companions.                                                        

Separate Checks: If you require separate checks Please inform your serve when you order.

Sharing Entrees: $3 plate charge. OR, we’ll be forced to smack your hands each time you mooch from each other!

The Drinking of the Grape: Any bottle of wine that you can’t finish may be corked & thrown into a crumpled brown paper bag to travel home!                                      

Gratuity: It is customary to tip 18%-20% Whenever possible, please tip in cash! Thanks!   



We have hoodies and long & short sleeve t-shirts. We sell our marinara sauce by the quart and our homemade dressing by the wine bottle!

Look for lovely photos of the eastern shore (for sale) by local photographers