Adolfo's on the Ocean


Italian fare with an Eastern Shore flair


Primi Piatti ~ Appetizers



House Bruschetta 8.99

Chopped Roma’s, red onion, garlic, olive oil,

& herbs served with garlic oil drizzled toast

Seafood Bruschetta 14.99

To our house bruschetta, we add

Crab-meat & Shrimp


Clams Casino Six succulent clams topped with our own blend of chopped peppers,

onions, crisp bacon, and melted provolone cheese 9.99

BBQ Shrimp Six bacon & cheese wrapped shrimp broiled with our tangy bbq sauce 13.55

Oysters Remo Named for our dear friend, Chef Remo. Six baked oysters heaped with our

Special bacon ~ horseradish crab imperial 14.99

Flatbread Pizza 8.99/9.99 little 9” flatbread prepared one of two ways:

Margherita Sliced Romas, fresh Mozzarella, Basil, O & V Pizza Pepperoni Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, Pepperoni

Breaded Calamari

Fresh calamari, hand breaded to order & fried golden 10.55

Adolfos Sampler

2 BBQ Shrimp, 2 Clams Casino, 2 Oysters Remo, and

One Portabella Stuffed w/Crab Imperial & topped with lobster cream sauce. Great to share! 19.99



Roasted Red Peppers

We roast Red bell pepper halves, top with fresh Basil

Pesto, crown them with Prosciutto & Provolone,

then broil to a splendid succulent sizzle 14.99

Petite Crab Imperial

Baked Crab Imperial, served with Garlic Bread 14.99


Stuffed Mushroom Caps

Twin portabellas stuffed with our

Homemade Crab Imperial, baked and topped with

velvety lobster cream sauce 14.99

Mini Cakes

Three handmade Mini Maryland Crabcakes,

Served on Saltines with a dollop of

 Roasted Red Pepper Aioli 12.99

Mussels Adolfo

Mussels (in shells) in our lemon, white wine &

Garlic sauce. Served with wedges of garlic bread

for dipping. And you’re gonna wanna dip! 14.55

Mussels Marinara

Mussels’ sautéed (in shells) in a slightly

Spicier version of our marinara sauce.

Served with garlic bread 13.55

  ~ Salads and Sides ~

House Salad 4.99 Large House Salad as Entrée 7.99
                                                                                                     Salad Seraphina

Mixed Greens tossed with our house dressing, Olives,

Artichoke, Roasted Red Pepper, & Avocado 12.99

Add Strips of Marinated Grilled Chicken for 6.99

Add Grilled Salmon for 7.99

    Antipasti Adolfo

  Marinated Artichoke, Asparagus, and Mushrooms,

    House Roasted Red Pepper Strips, Provolone, Prosciutto,

 Capicola, Salami, Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, Basil,

  Fresh Mozzarella, Grape Tomato, on fresh greens 16.99

Caprese Salad

    Sliced Romas, fresh Mozzarella & Basil, all drizzled w/ EVO & Balsamic, hit w/sea salt, cracked pepper 9.99  

Baked Italian Spinach

Served in a boat dish with lots of garlic, olive oil,

Fresh grated Romano, & melted Provolone 6.99

   Broccoli 4.99   Asparagus 6.29

Veggie Medley 5.99  Sautéed Mushrooms 3.99

Side of Pasta Marinara 1.99

Side of Pasta w/ Garlic & Olive Oil 2.99

Extra Side of Sauce 50 cents

Order of Meatballs (2) 5.79  Sausage (2) 6.79

Side bowl of Meat Sauce 5.79

Garlic Bread Basket

Small (5) 4.55 Large (9) 7.55